Kruger Shalati

Kruger Shalati: An iconic and unique product  in the heart of Kruger National Park. The very first visitors to Kruger National park entered by train which was parked on the exact same spot where our experience will await guests: The Selati bridge, adjacent to Skukuza camp. Kruger’s first warden, James Steven-Hamilton welcomed his visitors nearly 100 years ago where they dined in the bush in a make-shift Boma complete with Piano playing next to the firepit while rangers made sure any hungry predators stayed at bay while the guest enjoyed the experience. At night they would retract back into the train where they slept before the train moved onto its next destination the next day.


Our intention was to recreate this, for guests to have an experience similar to the original by creating an Afro-chic styled boutique hotel in the form of a stationary train permanently positioned on the Selati bridge and bringing the African bush theatre to life…


A few meters away, the Selati station platform serves as reception to the hotel as well as unique dining spaces both for hotel guests and visitors to Skukuza with their own unique dining experience created in this area.