Kruger Untamed Tshokwane River Camp

Tucked away in an unexplored location of the world-renowned Kruger National Park, lies Kruger Untamed 

– a novel and exclusive accommodation experience.


Open seasonally during the winter months, in one of the most wildlife-rich areas of the park, this hidden gem promises unexpected delights from the moment of arrival.


Guests are greeted by a charming wooden deck nestled under Leadwood trees with great care taken to gently kiss the earth lightly, adorned with lanterns that cast a soft glow on the weathered bark, revealing the tales of majestic elephants seeking respite from the African sun.


The seasonal summer waters of the Ripape riverbed give way to a breathtaking transformation in winter, when Kruger Untamed reveals its magical allure, only to vanish once again as if it had never been there.

Tshokwane River Camp
, conveniently located just 60 minutes away from Skukuza airport, offers accommodation for 60 guests in 30 luxurious tents. Immersed ina unique dry-riverbed immersion location, it is truly a haven for those seeking a profound connection with the untamed wilderness of the iconic Kruger National Park.


The camp features spacious tented suites measuring 24m2, complete with front and rear doors, side windows, a covered patio with en-suite facilities. Fresh linen, comfortable duvets, and warm blankets will ensure a peaceful night’s rest for guests.


Kruger Untamed is the first-ever seasonal luxury tented camp concession in Kruger National Park, exclusively available for stays during the winter months starting from July 2023.


It is a must-visit for avid Kruger Park enthusiasts who crave an authentic and immersive experience with the wild beauty of the park.


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