The hard-hitting trends of 2015, from the experts at Decorex SA

The hard-hitting trends of 2015, from the experts at Decorex SA

Comfort is key in 2015, say trend forecasters, who predict that this year will see us immerse ourselves in the warm embrace of a world that makes us feel happy and safe. On the home front, the trend will play out across the spectrum, from decorating styles to colour, crafts and accessories, the décor and design experts at Decorex SA explain:

1. Transitional style

“A style that marries modern and traditional elements will be one of the most influential looks of 2015,” according to Sian Steyn, General Manager of Decorex SA, who says that homeowners are shunning ultra-sleek, clean and clinical minimalism in favour of spaces that are “warm, homey and reflect themselves”. An elegant, enduring aesthetic that joins the best of both worlds, transitional style is well suited to natural elements, such as stone, granite and wood, because they play a significant role in both traditional and contemporary styles.

2. Neutrals with attitude

Say goodbye to the candy-floss pastels of 2014 and make way for the new neon neutrals, says Sandra Jardim, Senior Sponsorship and Marketing Manager of Decorex SA and 100% Design: “The pops of acid-bright neon that added a jolt of high energy to last year’s interiors have softened into vivid, saturated colours that you can almost taste. We’re talking the sherbet colours of childhood – those delicious not-found-in-nature shades of lime, raspberry and orange with maybe a dash of watermelon pink and icy lavender.”

3. Mixed metallics

Mixing metallics was once seen as bad practice and a choice usually had to be made between cool, contemporary silver and warmer, more traditional gold. “But, with bronze shining brightly in 2014 and the increasing prevalence of different types of metals, mixing rather than matching is the new mission for 2015,” according to Sian, who insists that “the textures and finishes of today’s metallics provide a stunning accent to most palette choices.”

4. Polygon crazy

The geometric movement that gathered steam last year takes on a sculptural three-dimensionality in 2015, says Angela Chatfield, General Manager: Decorex SA Exhibition Sales. “Designers inspired by the simple elegance of the ancient Japanese art of origami are creating beautiful and functional furnishings and accessories that transcend the momentary nature of paper sculpture, making it an integral element in the home.” According to Angela, hexagons and honeycomb shapes are hot and manage to feel “both modern-modular and organic at the same time”.

5. Big on blue

“Blue will be this year’s most popular accent colour for interior decorating, and also happens to be the perfect complement to marsala, the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year,” says Sian. “Pops of indigo or deep navy will be a staple in home design, as their deep, natural hues become extra vibrant against warm earth tones like marsala.” And don’t be shy about mixing shades, she insists: “Different shades of blue rolling back into each other in the same room will ignite the senses.”

6. Beachcombing

“Wood will continue to be on trend in 2015 but, when it comes to tone, we’re looking to the beach and its pale-grey shades of driftwood,” says Sandra, who asserts that the obsessive use of rich, dark-hued timbers popular in the past is undoubtedly the catalyst for this lighter touch. As for finishes, “Rather than high-gloss or smooth, it’s natural and textured all the way,” she adds.

7. Ties that bind

“Macramé may be a micro trend at the moment, but it should continue to snowball over the next year,” says Sian. “In fact, anything and everything ‘rope’ is big on the style radar for 2015. Think hand-made coiled bowls and vessels, woven wall hangings and hanging planters – tactile rope brings a sense of heart to the home.” She says to expect skills like binding, weaving, knotting, quilting and needlework to be used on everything from furnishings to accessories.

8. Pattern on repeat

A major trend Sandra is seeing in 2015 is the move toward repetitive retro-inspired motifs, which she says will take shape in the form of laser-cut plywood or steel panels, wall coverings and tiling. “Patterns from bygone eras will be revitalised to create intriguing and calculated designs that appeal to the fashion-savvy,” she says, predicting that Art Deco and Art Nouveau-inspired patterning will gain prominence in the year ahead.

9. Strong curves

“The oval is the shape of the day and the egg a powerful symbol for 2015,” says Sian. “Expect to see lots of rounded edges, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and elliptical furnishings that function as embracing cocoons.” Eggs even inspire the use of colour and pattern this year, with white and yellow a popular combination and mottled surfaces lending visual interest.

10. Crafted with care

Our appreciation for items made by human hands and using a learned skill continues its resurgence. “Craft-made items and those with a unique once-off ‘handmade’ feel bring a sense of authenticity to a widely mechanised, mass-produced world,” says Sian. “Whether it’s using traditional techniques or creating new ones, craft is an expression of the desire to stay connected to what makes us human.”

“The new year is all about custom-made comfort,” Sian concludes, adding that “décor and design lovers will be able to see all the furnishings, textiles, accessories and services that are setting trends in 2015 at Decorex Durban, which takes place from 19th to 22nd March at the Durban Exhibition Centre, and officially kicks off the popular series of Decorex SA exhibitions for 2015.

Decorex Durban details:

Dates: 19 – 22 March 2015

19 March: 10am-8pm
20 March: 10am-9pm (featuring Friday Night Live Market by Upmarket)
21 March: 10am-8pm
22 March: 10am-6pm

Trade focused days: 19 – 20 March

Ticket prices: R70 for adults; R60 for pensioners and scholars; R15 for kids under 12; R60 for trade and exhibitors (tickets are not available yet)

Venue: Durban Exhibition Centre

For more information e-mail

Facebook: Decorex SA
Twitter: @decorexSA

Decorex Durban forms part of the Decorex SA portfolio and is owned by the Thebe Reed Exhibitions.

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