Thebe Tourism Group

In a recent open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Getaway editor Justin Fox expressed his frustration with the challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry in South Africa. While only the most ignorant among us will deny that there are challenges, I want to take this opportunity to offer a different view of an industry that, on balance, is, if not flourishing, certainly performing fairly.

Just one year ago, the South African tourism market had set its sights on a bumper festive season that would see it sail through some of the economic challenges it has encountered, and into a brighter future. But 12 months down the line, its challenges today weigh even heavier on the market. By Brett Hendricks of the Thebe Tourism Group.

Durban, South African, 02 May 2019: The Thebe Tourism Group, a subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation and the oldest black-empowered South African tourism group, is expanding its commitment to offering people innovative travel experiences by launching new developments and announcing strategic acquisitions within the hospitality sector of the tourism value chain.

Club Travel Corporate’s incoming CEO is a seasoned travel and tourism leader with broad executive experience in private, governmental and industry bodies.   CAPE TOWN, 20 March 2019 – Club Travel Corporate, a Member of the Thebe Tourism Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kananelo Makhetha as its new CEO.