Soul Traveller Launches To Promote Domestic Travel Across SA

Soul Traveller Launches To Promote Domestic Travel Across SA

A newly-launched venture called Soul Traveller Tours is pioneering group travel in Africa and changing the face of domestic tourism in South Africa. Soul Traveller Tours is the result of a collaboration with Thebe Tourism Group, who are committed to rejuvenating domestic travel as a means of local economic development. Soul Traveller Tours is the first truly group travel tour operator in South Africa. Many South Africans have not travelled extensively domestically for various reasons like cost, opportunity or not grasping what the country has to offer.


Soul Traveller Tours aims to transform this through ‘immersive tourism’; connecting local travellers with the beauty and intricacy of South Africa’s landscapes, culture, history and people. Through these experiences, travellers will become ambassadors for the country and an unprecedented travel movement will be born.


“Through Soul Traveller Tours we have created a platform for people to feel good about their country and heritage. We want people to connect and experience the unexplored soul of our cultures and continent. The immersive experiences that we have curated will provide a platform for all South Africans and international visitors to connect, create and affirm strong bonds of community and kinship. We seek  to create a unique travel movement designed to ignite deep connectivity with our history and fellow countrymen, resulting in unexpected friendships,” says Penny Ndlela, CEO of Soul Traveller.


“Thebe Tourism Group realises the need to grow the domestic tourism market. We believe by growing this market we have an opportunity to bolster revenue and create more local economic opportunity. Through a strategic investment approach, focusing on untapped markets like domestic group travel, we hope to achieve impact and transformation,” adds Jerry Mabena, CEO of Thebe Tourism Group.


Thebe Tourism Group believes the time is right for new domestic travel options and believes Soul Traveller Tours could lead a revolution in the domestic travel space.


Soul Traveller Tours is a sensory-led venture and its packages (routes) are inspired by the colours of the South African national flag. Each route is ‘curated’ by a specialist who will unlock the hidden gems, the ‘soul’ of each route, leaving each traveller filled with awe, pride and the urge to share their experience with others.


The first of these trips were offered through the Red Route during Tourism Month (September 2017). “It is about experiencing urban culture with a neighbourhood food crawl as we immerse ourselves in the history of the country through the culinary influences that have shaped our South African palette!”


For more information about the rest of the routes and how to book your first trip, visit and look out for the details of the first trip on Facebook and InstagramRegister on the website to be one of the first to know when each route colour is announced.

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