Cape Point launches a new audio tour

Cape Point launches a new audio tour

In time for tourism month, Cape Point has launched a free audio tour for those wanting an even more memorable experience at the iconic attraction. For a fun, information-rich and easy-to-use way of enhancing your exploration, simply download the tour, plug in your earphones and push play.

Starting from the main parking area, the audio tour shares fascinating information about the national park’s maritime history, fauna, flora, Cape Point legends and the funicular. It is geared for guests on a tight schedule, as well as those who would prefer a more leisurely stroll.

There are two tours: Riding the Flying Dutchman Funicular up, the Quick Tour leads you around the various top lookout points and up the steps to the old lighthouse, before heading back down the funicular; while the Full Tour meanders along the path to the top viewing points, up to the old lighthouse, down the lighthouse keeper’s walk and returns to the parking lot via the funicular.

If you’re more than 500m from the starting point, you can choose to “Get Directions” to the location or “Play Anyway” – which enables you to listen to the tour even when you are not on site.

“We are delighted at how the new audio tour enhances our visitors’ experience at Cape Point,” says Judiet Barnes, Marketing Manager of Cape Point Partnership. “The audio tour is mainly targeted at our self-drive visitors who aren’t accompanied by a tour guide, however it has been crafted to enhance all visits, even for those traveling in large tour groups.”

A highly accessible platform created by VoiceMaps, the audio tour is available for free download via the Apple and Google Play App stores in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Apple or Google Play App store
  2. Search for and download the VoiceMap app
  3. Once the App is installed, hit the Start button and follow the instructions
  4. Click the three-striped icon, select Cities, scroll down to South Africa and click Cape Point
  5. Download both the available tours to enable you to choose your preference on the day of your visit to Cape Point
  6. Find the audio tour under My Routes

It’s advised that you complete all downloads prior to visiting Cape Point, as the cellular signal in the park fluctuates.

For more information visit or call the Information Centre on (021) 780 9010/11. Follow Cape Point on twitter @CapePointSA and Like Cape Point on Facebook at



Cape Point, situated in the Cape of Good Hope, is a nature reserve within the Southern Section of Table Mountain National Park; a declared Natural World Heritage Site located at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, 60 km south-west of Cape Town. The reserve encompasses 7 750 hectares of flora and fauna; is abound with buck, baboons and Cape mountain zebra as well as over 250 species of birds. The natural vegetation of the area, fynbos, comprises the smallest but richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms. Access to this historical lighthouse, first completed in 1859 and standing at 238m above sea-level, is by an exhilarating ride in the wheelchair-accessible Flying Dutchman funicular that transfers visitors from the lower station at 127m above sealevel, to the upper station. It is believed to be the only commercial funicular of its type in Africa and takes its name from the Flying Dutchman ghost ship rumoured to haunt the Cape Point waters.



Thebe Tourism Group manages the facilities at Cape Point in the Cape of Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park and promotes it as one of South Africa’s key tourism attractions. Facilities include the Flying Dutchman funicular, the Two Oceans Restaurant, Food shop and three retail shops.



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